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Contains 6 iridescent colors:

These highly transparent, iridescent colors appear almost transparent on a light background and shimmer magically or elf-like depending on the viewing angle and incidence of light. On a dark, preferably black, background, their magical colors unfold combined with an extraordinary glitter effect.



  • highly transparent on a light background
  • magical color effects with an extraordinary glitter effect on a dark background
  • highly pigmented with only one pigment per color
  • high light fastness
  • very good solubility
  • excellent durability


Robust metal box:

  • Mixed fields in the lid
  • interchangeable color cups


Contains the following colors:

  • White (8190)
  • Gold (8290)
  • Red (8490)
  • Amethyst (8590)
  • Blue (8690)
  • Turquoise (8790)


Made in Germany


This is how you best use the Finetec colors:
You can use the colors on all absorbent surfaces such as paper, cardboard but also on wood and stone etc. The colors can be easily mixed together. To use it, you just have to put a few drops of water on the pan and dissolve the paint with a brush.The release time is very short and should not be longer than 30 seconds. The rectangular bowl protects your brush.


The Finetec colors are characterized by a particularly high pigmentation and are therefore ideal for use with a pen and brush.


Gum arabic is used as a binding agent.

All Finetec colors are without animal ingredients (vegan) and toxicologically harmless (according to ASTM D 4236). In terms of production technology, the cups have a small cavity inside. This does not represent a quality defect and is completely normal.


Photo source: Royal Talens

Errors excepted!

Finetec Premium 6 Iridescent Colors "High Sparkle" (F8001)

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