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- 12 sheets

-DIN A4 / 21x29.7 cm

- 290gsm

- 70% sisal fibers

- 30% quarrels

- matt



Agave Watercolor is a natural white watercolor paper. It is characterized by its matt and very homogeneous surface structure and is very suitable for any watercolor technique, especially for glazing.

The 290 g/m² artist paper allows brushes to glide over the paper and brilliant color gradients are created; washouts and corrections are also easy.

Agave Watercolor is acid-free, age-resistant and vegan. By using the rapidly renewableRaw material sisal Watercolor paper is the ideal painting surface for nature-conscious watercolor artists.


All Agave Watercolor blocks are glued on 4 sides, the sheets can be easily removed with a bone folder.


(Photo: Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

Hahnemühle Agave Watercolor 290g/m², vegan

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