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The set is only available 3 times - so it's worth being quick😉


The following products are included in the Easter card set:

Self-adhesive stencil film rabbit, small

- Self-adhesive stencil film rabbit, large

Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens "Pastel Colors"

Tombow Bristol paper DIN A5

- Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens N00 blender

- Tombow MONO graph pastel, lavender

Tombow Mono light, eraser


The self-adhesive egg stencil is only available as a goodie in this set.


The set has a total value of €55.35. Now, because I want to make you happy at Easter, it is on offer as a set with a price advantage of 5% and with the 10% discount on the shop opening offer you can get another good deal. save and enjoy🐰.


With this Easter card set with great products you can get started right away and create the most beautiful cards for your family, friends and acquaintances. The best thing to do is to get creative with the whole family and conjure up wonderful Easter cards in a relaxed and fun way.


Attention: Never leave children unattended with the products. The set contains small parts that can be swallowed by children. It's not a toy


Or you can make others happy with this set and order it directly as a gift. Write me a note in the ordering process where I should send the package, provided you have ordered with enough shipping costs.


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Simply colorful

Easter card set worth €55.35

Out of Stock
  • Depending on the production process, there may be adhesive residue on the stencil. It is not a reason for a complaint as it cannot always be avoided.

    This stencil is non-adhesive.

    After use, please carefully rinse out any paint residue under running water (possibly with a little detergent or soap) and allow it to dry. Do not place it on the heater, otherwise the material may warp.

    The stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt. Any attempts at copying will be punished.

    Photo source: Schlichtbunt / Errors excepted!

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