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Milky Brush 


The “Pentel Milky Brush” is the long-awaited addition to the Milky Gel rollerball range and a perfect companion to the “Dual Metallic” brush pen series. The popular MilkyInk is finally available in a brush pen. With the expansion of the range, lettering and DIY enthusiasts can now also use the pastel ink to its full extent. 


  • The fine nylon fibers of the brush tip enable fine to wide line widths 
  • matt drying pastel color 
  • available in 8 colors 
  • for painting, for lettering, for setting accents, for details in drawings 
  • ideal for effects such as speckles and rough brush strokes 
  • Perfect in combination with pigmented products and the Pentel glitter brush pens “Dual Metallic Brush”



Photo source: Pentel

Pentel Milky Brush


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