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Schlichtbunt® Roses Background 2 Stencil is a wonderful addition to your creative projects. The delicate rose pattern gives your work a romantic and elegant touch. The stencil is made of high-quality material and can be easily cleaned and reused. Whether for scrapbooking, card making, painting or other art projects, this stencil ensures beautiful results. Give your DIY projects a very special touch with the Schlichtbunt® Roses Background 2 Stencil and have lots of fun doing it. The leaves were painted afterwards with a brush and are not part of the stencil.

There is now also a brand new stencil block for easy storage of your stencils.

It is best to pull the carrier film off the stencil rather than the other way around! It is also better to pull the paper off the stencil after use.

To do this, place the stencil on the table with the backing paper or paper facing upwards, hold the stencil by one corner and then carefully pull the backing paper / paper off the stencil. Never pull on the stencil too hard - it could tear!

Design tip:

Glue your stencil onto a piece of watercolor paper in the next DIN size or onto a larger piece of paper, leaving a frame of about 3-5 cm. Now paint your stencil as desired, add a few splashes of gold to the sides, frame it and hang it up or give it as a gift.

Tip: I recommend the Schlichtbunt collector's block to keep your stencils dust-free and tidy.

Please read the instructions for using the plain colored stencil.

All stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt.

Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Errors excepted!

Schlichtbunt® Roses Background 2

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