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These simple yet elegant banners are a great way to add value and personalize any project. They are versatile and can be used alone as a tag or in combination with other stencils (the first image shows the 'Flower Background' stencil). They will definitely attract attention. The banner is labeled 'Happy Birthday', but you can of course replace the text. After designing, cut out the designed banner with a gap of 1 to 2 mm, attach it to a card or use it as a tag.

Tip: We recommend the Schlichtbunt collection pad to keep your stencils dust-free and tidy.

The self-adhesive stencils can be used multiple times. Carefully rinse off paper and paint residue under running water. Always stick back onto the carrier film and store in a dust-free place. Never treat with heat (hot air dryer). Protect from sunlight and heat.

These stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt.

Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Errors excepted!

Schlichtbunt® stencil simple banners

  • Please be sure to read the instructions for using the Schlichtbunt stencils.

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