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Heavenly Christmas and a great New Year 2023

This lettering is arranged one below the other on the stencil and is available in 2 sizes.
Small: the letters are approx. 0.4 cm high.
The lettering is a total of 1.2 cm high and 8 cm wide. Fits perfectly across an A6 card.
Medium: the letters are approx. 0.5 cm high. The lettering is a total of 1.6 cm high and 10 cm wide.
Therefore it just fits on an A6 card horizontally and perfectly on an A5 card.

The two letterings are only available in a bundle.


Are you still very unsure about lettering, or do you want to quickly design a lot of cards and don't have the courage to write a Christmas greeting on them?
With these lettering there is no problem. You can quickly conjure up multiple cards with identical writing.


Use this stencil to create extraordinary cards and surprise your family, friends and acquaintances at the holidays.





I also show many projects via my Instagram account. Follow me there and let me and the great community inspire you:@simplycolorful @schlichtbuntshop




All stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt. 



Photo source: Plain Colorful

Errors excepted!

Simple colorful stencil lettering Heavenly Christmas


Schlichtbunt® macht Sommerpause!

Vom 22.06.2024 bis 13.7.24 ist Zeit für eine kleine Pause.

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