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Now you can send beautiful cards on New Year's Eve or take them with you to a party.

A bottle including a cork, 2 champagne glasses, the saying: Happy New Year and plenty of sparkling water are incorporated into the template.

The years 2023, 2024 and 2025 are also included in the scope of delivery.


I also recommend backing paper. You can use it to file all stencils (including existing ones) neatly and dust-free.

You can also find this here in the shop.



The Schlichtbunt® stencils are designed and manufactured in all details by (if no other designers are named) Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts). The copyrights / full rights to the design remain with Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts) or primarily from the designer.



Photo source: Plain Colorful

Errors excepted!

Simple colorful stencil card for New Year's Eve

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