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Finally I can offer you a great solution for storing your stencils.
I spent a long time researching a way to store the plain colored stencils in a dust-free and well-sorted folder.
I am very happy to now be able to offer these two backing papers. 
They are available coated on one or both sides. 
Only the coated (glossy) side is suitable for storing the stencils.
The backing paper, coated on one side, has a grammage of: of 135 g/m2 and the double-sided 102 g/m2.
Both are A4 in size and can therefore be easily filed in a folder.
Unit price €0.25
In a pack of 10: €2.25
In a pack of 20: €4.25
In a pack of 50: €11.25




Photo source: Plain Colorful

Errors excepted!

Backing paper for stencils

  • Please the Instructions Be sure to read through when using the plain colored stencils. 

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