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- 50 loose leaves

- 24 x 32 cm

- 330 g/m²

- white

- slightly shiny

- Linen structure

- resistant to aging


This paper is also very suitable for theKarin Pigment Deco Brush. The paper has  a linen structure, but it is still very smooth and the colors of theKarin Pigmen Deco Brushcome out very nicely.

Acryl 330 g/m² is a white, slightly glossy paper with a subtle linen structure. Impasto paint applications are excellently possible on this painting ground. The slight sheen of the surface remains even after painting. The linen structure creates additional painting effects. Even without stretching or wet pre-treatment, the paper remains smooth after processing.




(Photo: Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH)

Hahnemühle Acryl 330 g/m² 24 x 32 cm // 50 sheets


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