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The most beautiful gel pens from Sakura, the inventor of the only real gel pen, collected in an exclusive blendSet of Mrs. Hell!

The special gel ink with water-based pigments ensures a bright and intense color that never fades. Thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow is always constant without exerting pressure on the pen.

Stardust - for extremely large glitter effect,

Moonlight - with a spectacular, fluorescent effect,

Soufflé - with matt chalk effect and

Glaze - with a distinctive 3D effect.

You can use this to create great lettering blendings (= color gradients)! Both on colored, white, black, matte and glossy paper.


Store the pen lying down with the cap closed and activate it briefly with your fingertips before use.



Photo source: Royal Talens


Errors excepted!

Sakura Woman Hell Blending Set 24


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