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My The design team and I briefly introduce ourselves


Özlem (layered colorful)

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I am Özlem, I live in Oldenburg with my small family and dog and enjoy the quiet life here.

Pens and paints have always been a part of my life. 

Hand lettering, watercolors and abstract painting with acrylics on large canvases are my greatest passion. And of course that Simply colorful® Stencils, the 2019, after a Development phase, have moved into my shop.


Jana Senfftleben

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*I am Jana, born in '69 and live in the Bauhaus city of Dessau

*My day starts with a cup of coffee and is followed by a few more

*I have enjoyed painting and writing my whole life

*I like to try new things - that's why my feed is so colorful

*On paper I love glitter and colorful, privately I prefer subtle colors

*My day ends with reading a few pages of an exciting or sad or even funny book



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*Berlin Kodderschnauze, which was forcibly relocated to the beautiful south of Germany

*Realist with a certain feeling for words

*office chair acrobat in everyday life

*Creatively speaking, a potpourri of styles, but they are welcome to intertwine

*At home in glittery hand lettering, but beautiful watercolor motifs are a must every now and then

*Favorite color green


*Coffee lover



✈️ emigrated to Australia

😴 loves sleeping

🤤 loves culinary delicacies 

☕️ tealover

❤️ emphatic high 10

🥰 need harmony 

🎨 Watercolor and lettering love since 2021

🔵 Favorite colors blue tones and gold (anything that glitters)

🍫 depending on chocolate crossies and pretzels

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*I am Sonja, born in 75 and a real “Monnema Meedsche”

*Painting has always been my passion 

*I love coffee and hate bad-tempered muggles.

*Chaos is my middle name 

*And I'm definitely team "last minute" or even "better late than never"

*I love glitter (It glitters? I want it!!! NOW!) and colorful lettering, but my wardrobe consists of almost one color: black

*I love being creative 

*My favorite place... is my desk...and not the one in the office 

*Favorite color rosé, gold and wine red tones

*In addition to lettering, I now also make brush rests

*Consistent former stress (non-)smoker from time to time

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