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Welcome to Schlichtbunt

I'm glad you're here and supporting me so I can pursue my passion. You can be sure that I always give 100% and always have an ear for my customers.


Simply colorful is a small one

Manufactory in Oldenburg with the

both focal points online shop for

Creative material & Home decor


Hand made
with Love

On this homepage you will find a small selection of products with which you can get creative yourself. These include, first and foremost, the self-adhesive and reusable stencils I developed. These are designed either by me or by external designers. All stencils are designed with loving attention to detail, processed by me and manufactured in small quantities in this factory. 

In order to be creative with these wonderful stencils, you will of course need paper, paints, brushes and pens. To do this, I have put together all of my favorite products for you and only focused on the essentials. Instead of many different brands and manufacturers, there are only a few. Of these few, there are only the products that I use for my projects. Of course, the range is always expanded a little, for example when new products come onto the market that I also use for myself and my workshops. To do this, I regularly go to trade fairs and exhibitions and try out and test everything beforehand. This way I can decide in advance whether they are relevant for my shop and my workshops.

So you can be sure that I chose everything myself, tried it out and found it to be excellent.


The second division is brand new and fresh here in the online shop and will certainly grow, develop and change over time. 

Home decor is also a great passion of mine. 

The home decor area is mainly about decorative items that I make myself. I use silicone molds to make these objects from different materials.  

Unevenness on the end products is a guarantee that everything is made by hand and not by machine. 

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