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Mini lettering guides

You can download these two exercise sheets free of charge and without obligation.

Please always print out your exercise sheets on satin printer paper - this way you protect your brunch pens and have more fun with your tool. Most brush pens fray quickly on normal printer paper and are therefore no longer suitable for lettering.

The templates are for private use only and may not be redistributed

and be duplicated!

They are also allowed for workshops and coursesNotbe used!

Tip:  Better practice regular small/short units to expand your skills. You will see that you can achieve success quickly if you practice briefly but intensively every day instead of just once a week or a month, very long and unfocused.

Mini Lettering Guide
Contains small, practical exercises on the subject of brush lettering.


Mini brush lettering.jpg

Faux Calligraphy
Practical exercises on the subject of incorrect calligraphy.


Faux Calligraphy.jpg
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