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Talens Ecoline Set of 5 Brush Pens - Primary is based on dyes and gum arabic. The colors of Talens Ecoline are unimaginably clear and brilliant. If desired, you can reduce the color intensity by diluting it with water or using the Brush Pen Blender.

The original workpieces should be stored in a drawing folder for optimal color preservation. The concentrated formula of the Talens Ecoline Brush Pens allows for a seamless transition with Talens Ecoline from the bottles.

The special Brush Pen Blender can be used to mix or smudge paint, and can also be used to create beautiful washes and color transitions.Forgot to cap the brush pen? A dried brush tip can be easily saved by moistening it with water.


Contents: 5 brush pens (205-337-578-700-Blender)


Photo source: Royal Talens

Ecoline Set of 5 Brush Pens - Primary

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