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The FINETEC watercolor paint collection consists of a variety of iridescent, pearlescent and flip-flop colors. They are made with natural, ethically mined mica or synthetic substrates to maintain that beautiful shine.
The opaque pearlescent color shows intense brilliance on all absorbent surfaces.


About FINETEC watercolor paints

  • High-quality watercolor paints known for their impressive luminosity
  • Unique composition with exclusive pigments based on mica or synthetic substrates
  • Brilliant colors, excellent light fastness, strong pigmentation, non-toxic
  • Different effects, including pearlescent and flip-flop colors, as well as iridescent colors
  • Can be quickly activated with water and ensures smooth transitions
  • The bowls are approximately 2.2 cm x 2.7 cm in size
  • Popular with artists and creative professionals around the world
  • Ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering and adding special effects to any watercolor painting
  • Excellent for use with brushes, traditional tips and glass tips
  • All FINETEC watercolor paints are carefully manufactured according to strict quality standardsGermany produces


Photo source: Royal Talens

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Finetec pearlescent colors High Chroma Blue (F9062C)


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