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The FINETEC watercolor paint collection consists of a variety of iridescent, pearlescent and flip-flop paints made with natural, ethically mined mica or synthetic substrates that provide a beautiful shine. This opaque pearlescent color shows intense brilliance on all absorbent surfaces.


About FINETEC watercolor paints

  • High-quality watercolor paints known for their impressive luminosity
  • Unique composition with exclusive pigments based on mica or synthetic substrates
  • Brilliant colors, excellent light fastness, strong pigmentation, non-toxic
  • Different effects including pearlescent and flip-flop colors as well as iridescent colors
  • Can be quickly activated with water and ensures smooth transitions
  • The bowls are approximately 2.2 cm x 2.7 cm in size
  • Popular with artists and creative professionals around the world
  • Ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering and adding special effects to any watercolor painting
  • Excellent for use with brushes, traditional tips and glass tips
  • All FINETEC watercolor paints are carefully produced in Germany according to strict quality standards


Photo source: Royal Talens

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Finetec Pearlescent Colors Amethyst (F1250C)


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