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MILKY WAY - a set of 10 DECO GEL 1.0 gel pens in pastel colors in an exclusive and practical packaging for easy use and storage.


Colors included in the set:

  • Milky Way PURPLE 201
  • Milky Way S.BLUE 202
  • Milky Way GREEN 203
  • Milky Way PINK 204
  • Milky Way RED 205
  • Milky Way ORANGE 206
  • Milky Way Y. ORANGE 207
  • Milky Way YELLOW 208
  • Milky Way WHITE 209
  • Milky Way BLACK 210


They work perfectly on light and dark paper surfaces, as well as on papers painted with watercolors, water-based markers (like Brushmarker PRO markers) and many other surfaces such as glass, foil, metal or stone with acrylic paints and markers that contain acrylic paints (like Pigment Decobrush Markers). This variety of surfaces offers unlimited creative possibilities. DECO GEL 1.0 gel pens are precise tools for creating works full of subtle details and nuances of light, such as calligraphy, bullet journaling, scrapbooking, zentangles or mandalas. They are characterized by high opacity (MILKY WAY and METALLIC series), rich colors (METALLICseries) and special light effects (STAR SPARKSseries) off. The opaque, pigment-rich, dense water-based inks in DECO GEL 1.0 pens offer a smooth line, do not bleed through, are water-resistant (on paper) and fade-resistant.


KARIN is a manufacturer of special products for artists. They are a small family company from Poland, operating on the market since 1989. The offer includes three product lines: Brushmarker PRO, DécoBrush Metallic and Pigment DecoBrush.


Photo source: Karin Marker 

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Karin DECOGEL 1.0 | Milky Way 10 colors

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