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Pigment DecoBrush markers give artists the freedom to create.


The following colors are included in this collection:

orange red 172U

• rose pink 183U

• poppy 199U

• cerise 211U

• antique pink 212U

• magenta red 213U

• burgundy 215U

• pale violet 265U

• fire red 1788U

• lipstic red 1797U

• red lilac 2405U

sulfur yellow 3965U


- Your pigment color can be onPaper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, textiles and many other materials can be used. With the opaque, matt color you can also use ddark surfaces work with techniques where other markers fail. The color does not penetrate to the back even on thin paper.


- The use of Pigment DecoBrush markers is similar to that of acrylic paints, but is enclosed in a convenient marker with a flexible, brush-shaped nylon tip.

- The colors can be mixed together until they are completely dry.

- The drying time of the paint depends on the surface it is applied to. Once completely dry, the paint becomes waterproof.

-If necessary, it can also be removed from most surfaces after drying. To ensure the paint is scuff resistant, it should be covered with clear varnish.

- Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic opaque colors based on organic pigments. - They are manufactured using the so-called "free - ink" technology, thanks to which, unlike traditional markers, they allow the consumption of 100% of the ink they contain.


You will find instructions for use here.


Photo source: Karin Marker



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Karin Pigment Decobrush / Passion Colors collection


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