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With this workshop handout for beginners you can get started with the topic of hand lettering. The letters for small brush pens have small directional arrows. The arrows show you exactly where you start, how many steps a letter consists of and where you end.

To protect your brush pens, you should always make sure to use satin copy paper. 

Reproduction and distribution is not permitted!

The handout contains:
-approx. 40 pages
-Warm-up exercises
-Introduction to brush lettering, suitable for e.g. Pentel brush sign pen (small and capital letters)
-Introduction to brush lettering, suitable e.g. for online Brushpen, Tombow ABT, Stabilo Brushpen,... (small and capital letters)
-Overview of brush lettering alphabet
-Introduction to faux calligraphy
-Template block letters
-2 diagonally lined sheets for different brush pens
- Leaves with decorative elements


There are no explanations in the exercise book. The exercise book is purely for practice. 


The manual is to be used exclusively for private purposes. Passing on and distribution is not permitted.

Hand lettering manual for beginners

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