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MONO graph loose pink marshmallow SH-MG85


The MONO graph with a fixed 4 mm tip enables precise work and ensures fewer lead breaks. Ideal for drawing with a ruler or stencil. Inside the body, the lead is guided in high-quality, three-part brass pliers. In contrast to standard plastic pliers, the lead is held more stable and breaks less often. Equipped with an innovative "shake mechanism": shaking the pen moves the lead forward. Alternatively, the refill can be activated by pressing down on the clip. The lead is locked by pushing up the clip. With refillable eraser that can be twisted out. Replacement eraser: ER-MG. Available in 10 colors. Line width: 0.5 mm, HB.


(Photo source: Tombow)

Tombow MONO graph pastel, pink marshmallow

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