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With the new French watercolor brushes, KUM offers the artist everything they need for watercolor painting in addition to the Memory Point brushes.

Excellent resilience and elasticity

When painting with watercolors, sooner or later the artist will need a French watercolor brush for certain techniques.

The brush is ideal for large-area work, soft color transitions and for washing out.

In combination with thatKUM Memory Point the artist has unlimited possibilities.

Thanks to a special mix of synthetic fibers with different diameters, in a perfect mix, the brush has an extremely high storage capacity.

Made from very thin synthetic fibers, the brush offers very high elasticity. This means the artist is able to realize even the finest details.

The fine tip has become synonymous with KUM brushes.

He also applies the color to a wide variety of painting surfaces, such asPaper, canvas, silk or glass.

Ergonomic and elegant

The elegant stem shimmers in an elegant mother-of-pearl white. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand and guarantees maximum control when handling the brush.


The brush was developed together with the brand ambassadors, Lena Schmuck and Nadine Siebensohn. Care was taken to specifically meet the requirements of modern and loose watercolor painting


Photo source: Kum, Schlichtbunt

Kum French Aqua


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