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The fine brush tip allows you to create the smallest details. At the same time, the large number of hairs lying close together guarantees particularly good color retention. This allows larger areas and color gradients to be created quickly and easily.



The KUM® Memory Point high-tech fibers were developed specifically for KUM®.

The brush hair surpasses all previously known synthetic fibers in many properties. The material and its special processing give the artist's brush its special properties. Our Memory Point brushes finally offer what artists need. The Memory Point Brush has a perfectly shaped brush tip. This makes it possible to paint the smallest details with any brush size and to work with exceptional precision.


Excellent resilience and elasticity

The hair used has excellent resilience and elasticity. This means that the fine tip returns to its original shape even after repeated use. This makes our Memory Point Brush particularly durable. Our brush is also suitable for working on large areas thanks to its large storage capacity. It can absorb and release color optimally. This means that uniform surfaces and color gradients can be created quickly and easily. In contrast to many conventional brushes, our Memory Point Brush is not only suitable for one medium, but is versatile. It is ideal for painting with more liquid colors such as:

  • watercolor
  • gouache
  • Acrylic
  • Reverse glass painting
  • Silk painting

It also releases the color onto a wide variety of painting surfaces, such as paper, canvas, silk or glass.


Ergonomic and elegant

The elegant stem shimmers in an elegant mother-of-pearl white. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand and guarantees maximum control when handling the brush


Photo source: Kum 

Kum Memory Point, Cat's Tongue

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