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KUM X Schlemmer Art

Together with Andrea Schlemmer “schlemmer art” we developed the set with the perfect composition of brushes for designing various botanical illustrations such as leaves, plants, flowers, fruits and much more.


Botanical Watercolor

The plant world is incredibly diverse and the final blossom can be wonderfully captured on the watercolor paper using various techniques. By combining three different Memory Point brushes and a French Aqua wash brush, the possibilities for painting botanical motifs using different techniques are numerous.  


Harmony of the four brushes

The French Aqua wash brush (size 10) is very soft and elastic thanks to the special mix of synthetic fibers with different diameters. Due to its extremely high water and color absorption capacity, it is suitable for painting botanical elements loosely and with soft color transitions.

The Memory Point brushes complement this perfectly. The set includes a round brush (size 9), a flat-angled brush (size 10) and a tug (size 3).  

The round brush serves as an absolute all-rounder. Thanks to its perfectly shaped brush tip, not only larger areas but also the smallest details can be painted very precisely. The advantage of the tractor is its large water and paint holding capacity. It can be used to paint long lines, such as flower and plant stems, in one stroke. This way the focus is on the motif and you don't have to constantly re-record water and paint. Botanical motifs come from plant and flower petals, which can be painted with the Memory Point in the flat, slanted shape using various techniques. 


Whether plants and flowers in nature or houseplants, the Botanical Watercolor Set is suitable for anyone who likes to bring nature onto their watercolor paper. 



Photo source: Kum 

KUM X Schlemmer Art

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