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- 24 x 32cm

- 300g/m²

- 20 sheets

- 100% cotton

- It is acid-free and pH-neutral.

-The surface has a fine-grained structure.

- Also ideal for the metallic and interference colors, shimmering and chameleon colors.

-The block is glued on all four edges to prevent the paper from curling when wet. It has an open corner so that the sheets can easily be separated at the top edge with a painting knife.

-The paper is ideal for watercolor, gouache, ink, charcoal and pencil drawings.

Rembrandt watercolor paper is specifically designed for professional artists. It is made from 100% high quality cotton which guarantees quality, stability and strength. It is acid-free and pH neutral. This ensures optimal durability. The impregnated paper guarantees perfect and even water absorption.


Photo source: Royal Talens


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Rembrandt Water Color Paper, white


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