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A complete set of 12 Stardust glitter gel pens for extreme shine and sparkle effects when writing, drawing and decorating. The set includes the colors Gold Star (703), Copper Star (705), Red Star (719), Pink Star (721), Pink Star (720), Purple Star (724), Navy Star (738), Blue Starling (736), Sky Blue Starling (725), Green Starling (729), Light Green Starling (727) and Silver Starling (744).


The Gelly Roll Stardust is the only true Gelly Roll for incredibly smooth and beautiful writing, drawing, painting and decorating with an exceptionally intense shine and glitter effect - like real stars! The best results are achieved with Stardust gel pens on light, white and matte paper. Also excellent for watercolor painting. The Sakura Gelly Roll contains a special gel ink with water-based pigment for bright, intense colors that never fade. Thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow is always constant without pressure from the pen.



Photo source: Royal Talens

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Sakura 12 Gelly Rolls Stardust Glitter, 12 piece set

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