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With the untreated stencil film you can realize your own ideas.

No matter whether with a plotter, puncher, cutting machine or scissors.

The film, like the Schlichtbunt® stencils, is self-adhesive and can of course be used multiple times.

Available sizes:

- A4 sheets

- A3 sheets

- 31 cm x 31 cm for larger plotters (delivered rolled up)

- 31 cm x 50 cm (delivered rolled up)

- 31 cm x 100 cm (delivered rolled up)

- 13.9 cm x 50 cm for example for the Cricut Joy (delivered rolled up)

Please be sure to read the instructions for handling the stencil film.

Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Errors excepted!

Stencil foil for your own creativity

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