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Self-adhesive stencil "Egg with waves"


Please select the sizes in the selection menu.

The eggs with the wavy lines only differ in the divisions. 


Easter egg 1 has 5 areas for coloring and has thicker free areas (very good for inexperienced people and children / please always under supervision).

Easter egg 2 also has 5 areas for coloring, but thinner free areas (good for inexperienced people and children / please always under supervision).

Easter egg 3 has 8 areas for coloring and the areas in between are more delicate and more suitable for experienced, larger children or even adults.


Delicate stencils like these lose their adhesive strength more quickly than stencils with large, continuous surfaces.


The Schlichtbunt® stencils are designed and manufactured in all details by (if no other designers are named) Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts). The copyrights / full rights to the design remain with Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts) or primarily from the designer.



Photo source: Plain Colorful

Errors excepted!

Simple colorful stencil egg with wavy lines

  • Please the Instructions Be sure to read through when using the plain colored stencils. 

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