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Design the clef according to your own wishes and ideas. 


With this stencil, I recommend ordering the stencil variant (non-adhesive) for easier placement of the small stencil parts - see photos. 



Small: 10cm high x 3.2 cm wide (overall template: 14 cm x 9.3 cm)

Large: 15 cm high x 6.3 cm wide  (overall template: 18 cm x 12 cm)


Please die Instructions Be sure to read through the template for handling the Schlichtbunt template. 


All templates are designed and manufactured in detail by Schlichtbunt.


Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Subject to errors!

Plain Colorful Template Retro Clef

  • Please die InstructionsBe sure to read   for handling the Schlichtbunt templates. 

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