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The glass relief liner is a liner with which you can add 3D accents to glass. Use the liner to easily outline the drawings for glass & To create porcelain paintings or to add 3D details, dots and lines, to glass objects.
Here in the shop the liner is available in 2 colors.

To achieve an optimal 3D effect, hold the tip close to the surface and press the color out of the liner with a smooth movement.




  • Before applying the paint, make sure the item is clean, free of grease and dry.
  • Apply the liner directly from the tube and remove any excess color or imperfections with warm water.
  • After applying your motif, let the paint dry for 45 minutes.
  • Place your painted object in the cold oven, then heat the oven and bake the workpiece at 160° C for 45 minutes as soon as the oven has reached the right temperature.
  • Can be washed by hand after fixing. For decorative purposes only.




Photo source: Royal Talens

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Talens Glass Relief Liner / Contour Liner


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