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Fudenosuke Pastel with 5 trendy pastel colors + white in a great chalk look.


With elastic tip for variability in line width.


Whether black or white paper, with that Fudenosuke pastel for black paper you make every paper shine. 5 trendy pastel colors plus white. All 6 Fudenosuke have a great chalk look. Thanks to the robust and flexible brush tip You can use different levels of pressure to decide whether you need a fine or wide line.
The ink is water-based and has a magical effect: the colors only appear on dark paper a few seconds after application.
The soft tip makes it suitable Fudenosuke perfect for hand lettering, sketches and card making. Pens should be stored horizontally to aid pen longevity.


(Photo source: Tombow)

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Tombow Fudenosuke Pastel with 5 trendy pastel colors

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