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Watercoloring setFloralcontains:






-Fineliner Mono drawing pen 01

-Water tank brush fine

-Smudge-proof pencil MONO 100 hard

-Eraser MONO dust CATCH for clean, precise erasing dust CATCH (EN-DC)

-Blending palette



Watercoloring set for watercolor flowers or your favorite plant. Illustrated by May&Berry.

Whether floral illustrations or trendy plants such as monstera, pilea and succulents - with the watercolor sets you are well equipped for your watercolor illustrations. The sets were illustrated and put together by the artist duo May + Berry and include small instructions with tips and tricks from the professionals.
The set contains 5 ABT Dual Brush Pens with a fine tip and a brush tip for variable line widths. You can mix the colors in advance on the included blending palette and then pick them up and paint them with the water tank brush, creating a watercolor effect. Use the MONO 100 pencil and the MONO dust CATCH eraser to sketch out your illustrations and then erase the guide lines without leaving any erasing residue. Finally, you can add contours to your illustration with the fineliner MONO drawing pen.

Watercoloring set floral is also available.


(Photo: Tombow)

Tombow Watercoloring Set "greenery"


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