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With this Vaessen Creative corner punch – you can punch corners in three sizes with just one punch.

Punch small 14mm corners, medium 17mm corners or large 20mm corners simply by rotating the punch 90 degrees. Thanks to the three different dimensions of this corner punch, a punch offers many possibilities when working with paper, cardboard, photos and other materials.

Use the punch for cards, scrapbook pages, planners and when making invitations or promotional materials. The corner punch is very easy to use and punches razor-sharp rounded corners. Slide a corner of the paper into the punch until it touches the edges and press down on the handle. The corner is then nicely rounded.


Tip: Punch through aluminum foil several times at regular intervals to sand the corner punch and keep it sharp.


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Vaessen Creative

Vaessen Creative • 3-in-1 corner punch 14, 17 & 20mm (2137-063)

€ 13,95Price
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