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The Schlichtbunt® stencils are much more than just a piece of foil.



The designs for stencils, which are designed by me and other designers down to the smallest detail with a lot of love and dedication, are more than just a piece of foil.

After the design, I rework them in many iterations - until everything fits perfectly - and produce them for you in small quantities with a lot of heart in my factory in Oldenburg.

Why am I telling you this?

These small prices for the Schlichtbunt® stencil contain much more than just a piece of foil.

It's a dedication, an infatuation with details.

With the Schlichtbunt®
My vision is no longer a fairy tale.

My goal is to make creativity possible for everyone.
Everyone, whether very creative or less creative, skilled, clumsy, left or right-handed, old or young, whether you can draw well or not, talented or less talented... Everyone - absolutely everyone should have the opportunity to be creative Ways - to be able to take some time out for yourself.

The Schlichtbunt® stencils are available with many different motifs and in several difficulty levels.

Motifs such as poinsettias, Christmas wreaths, geo motifs, etc. with many filigree patterns are more suitable for patient people who find weeding more relaxing, cool-down and calming. 

But if you want to get started quickly and don't have that much time, and want to be creative quickly and easily - because you're more likely to find inner satisfaction, relaxation and regeneration with colors and filling in the patterns - then I recommend simple and large-scale patterns, e.g. trees, simple Christmas balls, circles, Christmas pendants. The geo stencils with generous patterns (just to name a small selection) are also recommended for faster goals.

The Schlichtbunt® templates are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts). 


The copyrights / full rights to the design remain with Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts) or primarily with the designer.


The Schlichtbunt® stencils are sent without being weeded. 


Please remove all cutting elements from the template first. Tape the ones you want to keep to a lint-free surface. For this I recommend the carrier paper, which is also available here in the shop.


​The stencils are self-adhesive and reusable.


After weeding, the stencil is ready for use.


You can now apply watercolors, ink, pastel chalk, stamping ink or similar colors to the free area as you wish, but please do not work too wet.




Please note the following points, so that your plain colorful® Stencil retains its function for a long time:


- Be careful when peeling it off the backing sheet and also after using it on your object (e.g. paper, plastic, fabric). Never pull too hard on the stencil, otherwise it may tear!


- Immediately after use, the paint residues must be dabbed off carefully with a dry or damp cloth or rinsed under running water.  

Water-soluble colors can be easily rinsed off again. Waterproof colors can leave color residues or discolouration .


- Please make a sample on the paper or object beforehand. With some types of paper, removing the stencil can damage the paper surface. Satin watercolor paper or other solid types of paper, such as Bristol, are ideal.


- The stencil can be damaged by heat. 

Do not put on the heater and always protect from the sun! 

The material may warp and/or the adhesive may separate from the PVC.


- Sometimes, despite careful handling, some paint can run under the stencil. Please check whether the stencil adheres well to the object (e.g. paper).

​The adhesive power of filigree stencils can give way after a few uses, this is due to the minimal adhesive surface.


The Schlichtbunt® stencils are not a mass product and are only produced in small numbers.


You can see some examples of the versatility of the templates in the photos on my website and on Instagram 

@schlichtbunt & @schlichtbuntshop.


Material: PVC, thickness: 230µ



ATTENTION! Not suitable for children due to the risk of suffocation from small parts.


The motifs may contain minor deviations from the images. 

Production-related adhesive residues can appear on the stencil. It is not a reason for complaint, as it cannot always be avoided

I wish you a lot of fun with your Schlichtbunt® template.


If you have your own desired motifs, I can realize them for you (for an extra charge).


 Errors excepted!

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