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With this Easter set you can start right away and create beautiful Easter cards and decorations.


The carefree package includes the following products:

1. Plain colorful stencilPassepartout (square)

2.Simple and colorful stencil rabbit, small

3. Simply colorful stencil lettering “hello Hasi”

4. Plain colorful stencil Speckle mini

5. Plain colorful stencil Easter egg 2cm

6.Hahnemühle Harmony

7.Vaessen paper cuttingr

8. Finetec classic F0601 (6 colors in the metal box)

9. Pentel Brush Sign Pen Pigment gray

10. Karin Brush Marker Turkis 654

11. Karin Brush Marker Egyptian Blue 205

12 Karin Brush Markers Magenta Red 170

13. Karin Pigment Deco Brush Aubergine 267 U

14. Karin Pigment Deco Brush Plum 2587 U

15. Sakura Micron 03

16. Kum Memory Point  #8


The entire package is worth €113.99



Please theInstructions Be sure to read through when using the plain colored stencil. 


The self-adhesive stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt. Any attempts at copying will be punished.


Photo source: Plain Colorful

Pretend errors!

Easter set 1

€ 113,99 Regular Price
€ 96,89Sale Price

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