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The Retro series is expanded with this new roller skate template.


Designing such stencils is extremely tricky and very time-consuming, I have to admit. The roller skates were actually supposed to come into the shop a few months ago, but I just wasn't that happy with some little things. And you probably know that I'm very picky about things like that ;)


But now they are perfect and I just love them.


This template is made like thatCassettes Stencil also, made of several small parts. 

This gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself which details you would like to have and then only use the corresponding stencil parts. 


So if you want to make it easier, you can leave out all the internal small parts and just start designing the free areas with color. For details, stick the corresponding stencil parts (see picture above) onto your paper.


The roller skates are available in 2 variants: 

- on the right the toe of the shoe looks to the right at night

- on the left the toe of the shoe looks to the left



The stencil is available in two sizes 

small DIN A6

medium DIN A5


Please the Instructions Be sure to read through when using the plain colored stencil. 



Photo source: Plain Colorful

Errors excepted!

Simple colorful stencil retro roller skates

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