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With two tips (brush tip + fine tip) for maximum creativity.

Water-based colors for hand lettering, watercoloring and illustrations. Available in 107 colors + blender.

-Watercolourable fibre-tip pen with two tips.

-The fine tip (line width 0.8 mm) is used wherever precise lines are required, the second tip (line width 0.8 mm - 3.3 mm) is wide and flexible like a brush.

-Available in 107 vibrant colors.

Made on a water basis: the colors can be mixed together and can be watercolored with wonderful color gradients. Perfect for hand lettering, watercolors, illustrations, stamping/designing cards, drawing comics/manga, journaling, coloring mandalas and much more. The colors are acid-free, odorless and not lightfast.


(Photo source: Tombow)

Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens N95 coolgray1


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