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  • 21 x 29.7cm
  • 150 g/m2, 75 lbs
  • 75 sheets
  • loose leaves


Ecoline printer paper is ideal for hybrid techniques: a design created with Ecoline can be scanned, printed and then easily edited further with Ecoline. In order to be able to further edit the printed version with Ecoline, the ink must be waterproof.

Not all printers and/or inks are suitable for this. With inkjet printers, it is important to ensure that the ink used is waterproof. In laser printers, the ink is fixed using heat, making it waterproof. A sufficiently high temperature is important.

We recommend always printing a test page first and checking whether the ink on the printout is waterproof before working on it with Ecoline


Photo source: Royal Talens


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Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Paper

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