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The Brush Sign Pen can be used like a brush thanks to its brush-like fiber tip.

From beginners to professionals, it is often used for the top topic of hand lettering and is also used in bullet journaling, illustrations & Sketches.

- Dimensionally stable against fraying

- Model with cap and plastic clip

- ideal for bullet journaling, hand lettering, drawings and illustrations 


Colors included in the set

Dark blue SES15C-CAX

Blue-violet SES15C-V2X

magenta SES15C-P2X

Burgundy red  SES15C-B2X

Light brown SES15C-E2X

Pale pink SES15C-P3X

Light gray SES15C-N2X

Blue-gray SES15C-S3X 

Azure blue SES15C-S2X

Light green SES15C-KX

Olive green SES15C-D2X

Turquoise SES15C-D3X


Housing made from 81% recycled plastic


Photo source: Pentel

Pentel Brush Sign Pen Pastel, individually or as a set

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