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- DIN A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)

- 180 g/m²

- 50 sheets


This paper is the perfect base for your drawing. High-contrast colors such as browns, reds, yellows and earth tones come to life on this mystical blue paper.

In combination with shades of blue and green as well as bright colors, the paper color becomes an essential part of your artwork. This paper is of particularly high quality, weighs 180 grams and contains 15% cotton and 20% recycled paper.

It is suitable for use with

- pencils

- soft pastels

- poster color

- Ink, acrylic paints

- Charcoal pencils

- and much more


The paper is not suitable for normal watercolor painting.


Photo source: Royal Talens


Subject to errors!

Rembrandt Toned Mystical Blue A4 180g 50 Sheets

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