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Easter is just around the corner and here finally come the Easter eggs.


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The Schlichtbunt® templates are designed and manufactured in all details by (if no other designers are named) Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts). The copyrights / the full Rights, to the design, remain with Schlichtbunt® (Özlem Sjuts) or primarily with the designer.



Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Subject to errors!

Simple colorful stencil geo easter eggs // motif 5

  • Commercial license agreement for the commercial use of Schlichtbunt's creative stencils.

    • Commercial license subject is the commercial use of the creative stencils from Schlichtbunt. The invoice is sufficient as proof and must be presented on request.
    • The acquired license is personal and not transferable to others.
    • The commercial license you have purchased allows you to use the works created with the Schlichtbunt creative stencils for commercial purposes. 
    • However, the works created with the creative template from Layer Bunt may not exceed a number of 25 pieces. 
    • Only works created by hand are part of this agreement.
    • Further processing of the works created with the creative templates is not permitted. Duplication by copying, printing (also in the printer) is not permitted. If this should be desired, please contact us ( to conclude an extended commercial license.
    • If works are produced in combination with different creative stencils, you must first obtain a commercial license for each creative stencil.
    • It is also possible to obtain a commercial license for creative templates that have already been purchased. In this case, please contact us (
    • The copyrights / full rights to the design remain with Schlichtbunt (Özlem Sjuts).
    • In the case of a publication on the Internet, it must always be pointed out that the motif is from Schlichtbunt.
  • Please die InstructionsBe sure to read   for handling the Schlichtbunt templates. 

Schlichtbunt® macht Sommerpause!

Vom 22.06.2024 bis 13.7.24 ist Zeit für eine kleine Pause.

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