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Bullfinch or Gimpel

Small: Approx. 9 cm x 8.2cm. Ideal for DIN A6.

Large: approx. 13 cm x 12 cm. Ideal for DIN A5.



This winter you can not only admire the bullfinch in the garden at the feeding stations, but also bring him  right into your room.
While the male bullfinch has the typical orange-red abdomen, the female bullfinch is rather inconspicuously colored olive-grey.
Our art also allows us us to move beyond these limits in terms of color.
I'm really looking forward to your results.


Design magical and wonderful cards for the winter time.


Once again I had the great pleasure of working with Lena Lücht.  The result has become terrific, the pictures speak for themselves.
Maybe you already know Lena from Instagram. On her account@lena.lichtyou can convince yourself of their wonderful projects.
The winter collection is delightful and very diverse. The finely crafted designs can accompany us through the entire winter season and beyond and give us a lot of joy. Whether as a decoration in a beautiful, elegant picture frame, as a gift tag or bookmark for small gifts. Also for gift packaging for many occasions, or just for your own little time-out.
Some of the figures are very filigree and must therefore be treated with patience and care. Just when the stencil is pulled off the paper again, I ask you to proceed slowly and carefully! So you can enjoy these special templates for a long time


These plain colorful templates are byLena Lüch  Designed and manufactured by Schlichtbunt. 


Photo source: Schlichtbunt

Subject to errors!

Schlichtbunt template winter collection "Bullfinch" (Lena Lücht)


Schlichtbunt® macht Sommerpause!

Vom 22.06.2024 bis 13.7.24 ist Zeit für eine kleine Pause.

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