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Here comes the ultimate circle stencil. 5 or 6 circles combined in one.

Combine both stencil sets for endless possibilities.


Set 20 contains the circle diameters:

- 20 cm

- 16cm

- 12cm

- 8cm

- 4cm


Set 19 contains the circle diameters:

- 19cm

- 15cm

- 11cm

- 7cm

- 3cm

- 1 cm

Other sizes available on request.


Simple colorful stencil circles ultimate

  • The motifs may contain minor deviations from the pictures. 

    Depending on the production process, there may be adhesive residue on the stencil. It is not a reason for a complaint as it cannot always be avoided.

    The self-adhesive stencils can be used multiple times. Carefully rinse off any paper and paint residue under running water. Always stick it back onto the carrier film and store it away from dust. Under no circumstances treat with heat (hot air dryer). Protect from sun rays and heat.

    If you have your own desired motifs, please feel free to contact me.

    The self-adhesive stencils are designed and manufactured in every detail by Schlichtbunt. Any attempts at copying will be punished.

    Photo source: Simply colorful/ Errors excepted!

Schlichtbunt® macht Sommerpause!

Vom 22.06.2024 bis 13.7.24 ist Zeit für eine kleine Pause.

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